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We only use the highest quality ingredients available and offer the horse owner a range of products with the highest levels of active-ingredient inclusion of any supplements on the market. HORSE FIRST is now known as the horse supplements range that works…

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HorseFirst was founded in 2004 by Paddy Hughes, a well-known and respected horse producer in the show jumping and eventing spheres, who has sent horses all over the world. Having tried and tested a huge variety of equine dietary supplements during his thirty years in the horse business, Paddy felt that the products that were available were disappointing and left a lot to be desired. horse-first-premisesOver the following three years, with Paddy’s equestrian knowledge and the expertise of the best chemist and equine-related nutritionist that he could find, HorseFirst was formed. Paddy formed a team and they spent their time researching, formulating and testing a new range of equine supplements on Paddy’s own horses. After testing many different formulations to get the best results possible, Paddy was then happy and confident to bring HorseFirst to the market place. greyhound1Paddy already knew many well-known people throughout the equestrian world through his years in the horse business; he went to the top riders in the world and asked them to try the HorseFirst range on their own horses. After many months of trials and feedback, the results were overwhelming! Top riders such as Michael Whitaker, Ludger Beerbaum, Jessica Kurten and William Fox Pitt were more than pleased with all the HorseFirst products they had tried. Like Paddy, they had tried most of what was already on the market, showing little results when tested – but with the HorseFirst product range, they saw real results. The products worked and gave these world-renowned equestrians what they needed to win. Paddy’s aim from the start was to use only the highest quality ingredients available and to offer the horse owner a range of products with the highest levels of active-ingredient inclusion of any supplements on the market. HorseFirst is now known as the supplements range that works…

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  1. Alexandra Douglass says:

    Relax Me really works!! We have a spooky young warmblood, who was a real handful to take out. We recently tried Relax Me and we are thrilled with the change in the horse. He is now far more settled and attentive, both at home and out. We would definitely recommend this product and will even be using it for some of our other horses as well.

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