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Horse First – Heavy Sweat


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“Puts back what sweat takes out”

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Heavy Sweat

is formulated to replicate those salts lost during exercise. Did you realize horses lose salts even more when they are not fully fit? Horses can lose salts even if they don’t show outward signs of sweating, especially true in hot humid weather, travelling or when they are nervous or agitated. 

 “Electrolytes need to maintain over all health in horses in work.”

Why Electrolytes?

1. When horses sweat they lose many Vital Nutrients at an alarming rate.

2. These body salts are essential in an array of body processes Heart, Kidneys and Stomach.

3. Electrolytes salts balance the body fluids controlling water levels and intake.

” To encourage them to eat and drink replacing lost nutrients”



The pinch test: Pull out a pinch of skin on your horse’s neck or shoulder. Notice how quickly it springs back. If it springs right back into place, he’s not very dehydrated. If he is moderately dehydrated the skin will stay elevated a few seconds after you pull it out. The more dehydrated your horse is, the longer the skin will stay elevated.


When to use

When your horse is in work sweating heavily, be CAREFUL some horses do not show visible signs of sweating but they will still need electrolytes.


  • Dry of colour coat.
  • No energy or spark.
  • Dark or cloudy coloured urine.

Which Electrolyte?

Look for a combination of sodium chloride, potassium, chloride, calcium chloride.

Avoid products that are majority fillers like dextrose, sugar or clay.

How to feed an Electrolyte

  • Mixed in damp feed.
  • Mixed in a syringe.
  • In drinking water, always give a choice of drinking water one with and one without.

“VERY IMPORTANT” when feeding electrolytes ALWAYS have a fresh supply of drinking water. Monitor the intake if possible.

All horses that sweat need this product given according to the degree of work because horses often lose more fluid than is obvious.  After intense work give two 50g scoops.  After moderate work give one scoop daily. Replace lid after use.

Feeding Heavy Sweat is the easy way to ensure your horse is not lacking in these vital salts, you can either add to the damp feed or add to water. If adding to water always make sure your horse has another bucket of clean fresh water.


Heavy Sweat Now Syringe

Refreshes & revitalizes dehydrated horses.

  • Compact, lightweight
  • syringe
  • Convenient
  • Easy to use
  • No wastage
  • Very palatable

heavy-sweat now syringe-new

“Heavy SweatNOW can be given before or immediately after exercise, directly into the mouth.”

When a horse works or exercises it sweats. This is a horse’s natural cooling down mechanism. A horse sweats even more when it is not fully conditioned or fit, in hot or humid weather or when it is nervous, excited or agitated. A horse can lose 15 litres of sweat in one hour in hot, humid conditions. The type and duration of exercise will also determine the level of sweating.

Excessive sweat loss causes an electrolyte imbalance which leads to premature muscle fatigue, reduced stamina, muscle cramps and poor recovery after exercise if not corrected.


Caprylic-capric triglyceride 40.9%
Sodium chloride 23.7%
Sodium salts of organic acids 12.0%
Potassium chloride 8.2%

Magnesium sulphate
Heptahydrate 4.3%
Potassium chloride 8.2%
Calcium sulphate dihydrate 2.9%

Analytical Constituents:
Crude oil and fat 35.17%
Crude ash 37.04%
Moisture 2.20%
Sodium 9.24%

Chloride 18.35%
Potassium 4.17%
Sulphur 0.55%
Calcium 0.67%
Magnesium 0.38%

Additives per litre
Sensory additives
Flavouring compounds
Mixture of flavouring
compounds 20000mg

Technological additives
Acidity regulators
Potassium sorbate E 202 2500mg
Anticaking agents
Colloidal silica E 551b 24000mg

Veterinarian Advice… If you have any concerns or questions about your horse’s health contact your Vet.



10kg, 1kg, 3kg, HeavySweatNOW 30ml Syringe

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  1. 5 out of 5


    Thank you for sponsoring the NSW Youth Dressage Championships. We were very excited to receive our electrolytes paste from you. It was also great to meet you and purchase a few items from your trade stand.

    I gave my horse Miss Fanta the paste on the last day to help pep her up for the freestyle after a couple of days hard work.

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