Equestrian Disciplines & Product Specifications  

Who is Derriere Equestrian clothing suitable for?

Derriere Equestrian® clothing is designed to meet the requirements of all riders. Our products have been tested and approved by both professional and amateur riders from the following disciplines:

Product Specifications

What are the benefits of riding with your Derrieres?

  • The ultimate in riding support and comfort for female and male riders.
  • Reduced concussion, with added support, style and comfort for the male rider
  • Protection, support, style and comfort for the female rider
  • Reduced seam underwear
  • Breathable fabrics and yarns, eradicating the adverse effects of materials that absorb perspiration causing chaffing and irritation to the skin
  • Non-restrictive, supportive, light and extremely comfortable
  • Stylish, designer brand
  • Fabric removes perspiration, so you don’t feel the chill when you stop riding
  • Derriere Equestrian designs are a unique concept, providing the answers to all riders needs in underwear. The fabric has been developed to provide a smooth, comfortable product that eliminates the problems that riders can be faced with when in the saddle
  • The seamless, breathable fabric completely eliminates chaffing and friction
  • The underwear is ergonomically and scientifically designed ensuring no fabric edges will interfere with the anatomical proportions of the body, where there is contact between rider and saddle
  • Riding in Derriere Equestrian® underwear leads to a more effective, deeper seat and a more harmonious partnership between horse and rider
  • Scientifically designed Derriere Equestrian® Padded Support System
  • Design and innovative concept worked through and brought to development by equine and human physical sports therapist, experienced padding support specialists, lingerie professionals and professors and doctors of anatomy and physiology 

How many design styles does the product come in?

The product range comes in six design styles, three incorporating the Derriere Equestrian Padded Support System and three come in the simple designer style with reduced seams and extreme comfort.

The products come in white, purple, gold and black. They are characterised by the designer jacquard that finishes the Derriere Equestrian undergarments with style and quality.


2 thoughts on “Derriere Equestrian

  1. Maryann Bonett says:

    I can’t see where I can purchase the Derriere Equestrian undergarments.
    I am interested in the padded undies. Are they out of stock?

    • SallyH says:

      Hi Maryann we only have a very few items of Derriere Equestrian left instock as this is a range we are no longer carrying, please give me a call to see what styles and sizes we still carry. best regards.

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