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Stable Equipment KBF99 Shavings Fork

rake with handle“I can’t say enough good things about this fork! It’s the most durable fork I’ve ever used and I love how light-weight it

is and easy to hold on the wide grip handle. The added bonus is the anti-bacterial feature. With 20 horses to care for, it’s my go-to tool for cleaning stalls. I hide it from all the boarders for my private use. “It is also great for moving snow in the winter, since its lightweight and the close set prongs allow for picking the snow up and then slides right off. No more heavy shovels for me!”Thanks for designing a great product!”Love it!”

Pam KisterGrey Horse StableYork, PA, USA
Grooming Equipment

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“So far my brush that I bought whilst at Blenheim has worked wonders on my cobs legs. For the past few years he has suffered with chronic mud fever (to the point of lameness) and this year once I managed to get rid of any scabs present, I really feel your brush has helped keep them away. Amazing!”Lauren MaceWest Midlands, UK”

Hi KBF99, Just to let you know that after my horse having very bad mud fever on his hind legs, using the brushes have definitely helped and it has almost cleared up completely over the last seven days.”

Heather WilliamsonDerbyshire, UK
Long Dandy BrushKBF99 Dandy Brush

Leaf, a three-year-old Welsh Section D gelding, suffered a fracture to his facial cheek bone whilst out in the field. This possibly led to an abscess inside his mouth and subsequent blood pony cushingstests revealed a low White Blood Cell count. During this time, whilst his body’s natural defences were down, Leaf contracted Lice. The vet prescribed a delousing treatment and Jude was advised to brush him the next day. Jude had recently been recommended KBF99 grooming brushes so decided to test them out.Said Jude: “I used the KBF99 Dandy Brush on Leaf’s winter coat after he was treated for lice and it was incredible! The lice seemed to stick to the brush, almost as though they were magnetized, I could literally see the lice being drawn out of his coat. By the time I had finished, his flat, dull coat was smooth and soft. I used the brush to remove all of the dead and living lice and I am pleased to say they have not returned since.” Jude also owns, Woody, a Welsh Section A, nine-year-old gelding who has Cushings disease and a very itchy, scurfy coat. After the success with Leaf’s coat, Jude decided she would brush one side of Woody with the KBF99 Dandy Brush and the other side with a standard grooming brush to see if it made a noticeable difference.Said Jude: “Woody is generally itchy all year round and has a lot of scurf, so I decided to just do one side of him with the KBF99 Dandy Brush to do a ‘go compare’. His near side, the one I brushed using the KBF99 brush, now has a smoother, glossier coat and barely any scurf, whilst his off side remains looking not terribly good and is still scurfy. He now does not appear to itch on the side that has been ‘treated’ with the KBF99 brush.Added Jude: “The KBF99 grooming range is fantastic, whilst luckily I don’t have a horse with Strangles or Ringworm, they have certainly improved the coats and skin of both my horses and it offers me peace of mind knowing they help to protect against any harmful bacteria that may be lurking.”

Jude AllenNr Cardigan, Ceredigion, UK”


purple dandy

KBF99 Dandy Brush “The Kbf99 brush is like no other fungus treatment or preventative on the market. It is simple to use and the results are fantastic. My warmblood mare “Citty” is a perfect example of just how amazing the KBF99 products are. “After spending hundreds of dollars on steroids, antibiotics vet visits and shampoos in an attempt to treat a persistent and harsh fungus I turned to the KBF99 dandy brush through recommendation of Doug Ehrmann. Citty’s fungus was present on her two front lower legs on her pasterns and fetlocks, and also multiple spots on her hind legs. The infection was causing great discomfort preventing Citty from placing full body weight on her front legs, due to swelling in her coffin and ankle. By brushing her legs with the KBF99 dandy brush for five minutes before and after riding I began to see results within three days. Citty’s swelling began to reduce, she began to place more weight on her front legs, and the sores were starting to close. By day five her swelling was almost completely gone, and on day seven the sores were closed and her swelling was gone. For the first time in three months, the aggressive and untreatable fungus was gone! “Before I started the KBF99 regime, I was so unpleased with multiple other treatments I was ready to have monkeys lick her legs! Though I was skeptical about how the brushes would work, they did. “Not only are the KBF99 products a way to treat multiple fungus, bacteria and infections, they keep them away. Don’t go thinking the idea of brushes healing fungus is ridiculous, they are amazing! All of my horses will be on the KBF99 regime to keep them happy, fungus and bacteria free!”

Molly Dinapoli USA”


hoof brushI use KBF99 hoof brush on all my horses; it eliminates the thrush and keeps the feet clean and disease free.”

Christie BarriallaAmateur owner on A CircuitUSA


I am really happy with the products, they are comfortable to use and really hard wearing. They look good too and I would recommend them to anyone wanting a good all round grooming kit with the added benefits that these brushes have. I haven’t had any issues with skin problems at all since I started using them.”

Laura RenwickLeading Lady Show JumperEssex, UK


KBF99 Brushes”I own a horse that suffers with severe mud fever. Last year he ended up on antibiotics and steroids and became sensitive when having his back legs touched as he was not keen when the scabs had to be removed.”This year I have used the KBF99 brushes every day before and after turnout. The brushes are excellent quality and the body brush is soft enough to use on his sensitive areas. Combined with careful management, these fabulous antibacterial brushes have resulted in a mud fever free horse.”

Geoff SmithNorth Lincolnshire, UK

“The KBF99 Twelve Piece Grooming Kit is excellent quality and the brushes definitely remove scurf very effectively and improve coat shine.”

Becky MoodyInternational Dressage RiderSheffield, South Yorkshire, UK


header picturecattleKBF99 Brushes Erika Clarkson keeps her horse on a farm in Staffordshire which raises beef cattle. A fan of KBF99 brushes, which kill bacteria and fungus, Erika decided to use them on a calf that was suffering with severe dermatitis. Said Erika: “The calves are housed in barns for the first few months of their lives, for ease of feeding up, then they are turned out to pasture.”I love befriending the calves when they’re in the barns and so always notice when they have a problem, and this particular heifer calf (who I call Magpie) was affected by itchy skin on her face, ears, neck and back. She is kept with two other calves that have not been affected at all.”Magpie was rubbing herself raw on anything she could find; mainly the feed trough and the bars of the gate. She was also using her back feet to scratch her head. As a result she lost a lot of hair from all these regions and was very red on the bald areas of her face and ears and also where the horn buds were. There was some scurf in her coat and the hair of her coat felt very dry.”Unfortunately there was no diagnosis or treatment for her due the high cost of treating farm animals and because it didn’t appear to affect either of the other two calves in regular contact with her. “I already used the KBF99 brushes on my horse and decided to give them a try on Magpie. I used the brushes about six times in all, over a two week period. Each time I brushed her completely over her face, ears, down her neck and across her whole back for about one minute. She was a bit fidgety about being brushed on the face (understandably because some patches were right by her eyes) but she loved it on her back and neck.”After about a week I could see the skin on her face was light pink rather than reddish, but it was still redder on her ears. I didn’t see her scratch again but I wasn’t observing her for long each time. However, because her skin was no longer red I could safely assume she was not scratching those areas at all and there were no new areas appearing.”After another week I could see fine down on her face which was now a normal pink colour. A week or so later the bald areas on her ears were a normal pink and the hair was growing back on her face and around her horn buds. “It was hard to tell when the hair started to grow back on her shoulders because she isn’t good at standing still and the hair/skin on her back and neck is dark. However, with help and food bribery I have stilled her long enough to notice that the bald patches on her neck have fully grown back now (approximately five weeks later).Magpie is shown below with filled in facial areas, ears slower to grow back but are completely recovered in fur now: “I haven’t seen her scratch at all since and she has no baldness anymore. Nor did either of the other calves develop this skin complaint.”The calves often develop minor problems, most of which disappear without any intervention. This could have happened to Magpie, but she was so severely affected that I would be surprised if it had gone so quickly without using the KBF99 Brushes.”

Erika Clarkson, Staffordshire, UK

face brushDobermanPinscherMaxNorwayDogPurebred“When my KBF99 brushes arrived I immediately tested them on my show Doberman bitch. She has always had a few skin issues and isn’t the best dog to brush. She loved them and stood like a rock with her eyes closed – NOW THAT’S A MIRACLE! These brushes are outstanding – I can’t believe the difference in my Dobie’s “flaky” coat in just a few days of use. I have since been brushing her twice a day for literally about two minutes. The improvement in her coat is astounding and I am thrilled.””I have been a professional show dog handler for nearly 30 years and I am a life member of the Canadian kennel Club (plus 35 years). I have been showing something on a leash or a lead shank since I was 10 years old and I have NEVER seen a product work like this before!”

Julie Moorcroft – Dog Salon OwnerAlberta, Canada“

These brushes are brilliant I don’t use anything else anymore!”Gail Taylor-Fellows I always use the face brush on my pony who has a damaged eye to try and keep infections out of it, great brush!
Elizabeth Wright

The best invention for horses ever! super brushes with great results!,i would not use anything else!

Carol Anne Clay


Fantastic brushes really get the mud off and leave a lovely shine on the coat! Also no mud fever this year!! yippee.

Steph Weeks


I got them just in general and to give them a try and they work wonders i would advice anyone to give them a try there well worth it.

Penny Marie Gilbert


“KBF99 brushes fit the hand really well and are very comfortable to use. I use the brushes several times a day and as a result coats are less scurfy. The grooming brushes in my opinion are perfect – not too hard, not too soft. Their antibacterial properties give me peace of mind that the horses have extra protection against illness and disease.”

Jeanette Brakewell

International Event RiderStaffordshire, UK

Want to give you some great news.1.We sold all the KBF brushes, I will order more tomorrow.2.I went to introduce the brushes Saturday in one of my retailers shop, as I promised to come for a launch of these brushes. In less than 2 hours I had sold 26 brushes, only few accessories left. 3.Yesterday we got first re-order from a shop, they sold ALL brushes within a week Next week I go to see the university hospital to show KBF99.I really love these brushes already.

Best regards

Camilla Boel-Kjær HORSE SQUARE Lindholmvej 5 JDK-3550 SlangerupDenmark

I have a small set of these brushes.. they are brilliant… especially on my white legged 2 year old who has been suffering with the mud this winter…. Would recommend these to everyone.

Julie Seeley

I’ve got your brushes and tried it on mud fever It seems to have worked and i didn’t use any creams just washed itonce and brushed it 2times a day! All cleared up now!

Bethany Kenny

Hi, I brought one of your body brushes and have to say it’s worked miracles on my girls coat.

black brushes

Lisa Lewington

Hi just to let you know that after my horse having very bad mud fever on hind legs, using the brushes have definitely helped and it has almost cleared up completely over the last 7 days.

Heather Gaffer Williamson

I brought some of these brushes for my daughter and she loves them, really lovely to use and they get all the dirt of.

Samantha Hutchings Nee-Hellyar

These brushes also do an AMAZING job on rain rot and snow rot out here in Alberta. Cleared up my mare’s hind quarters in just a few days, much to her relief and mine

Julie Moorcroft

ringworm 2

“I purchased my KBF99 brush whilst working at the Christmas equine fair and started using it immediately. I use it all over Ethel’s body but pay special attention to her lower legs. A few horses had mud fever at the yard already and more have continued to get it since. The poor yard owner has several horses and is having to treat pretty much all of them every day. Ethel seems to be the only one without it which I can only put down to the fact that I am the only person on the yard with a KBF99 brush.”

Tina Rogers United Kingdom

Absolutely fabulous product. Really helped us to fend off a ringworm outbreak. Amazing. Would highly recommend.

Gail Ison

Bought some of these brushes at Your Horse Live and can’t believe the difference they have made to my horses coat. Would highly recommend.

Helen Gibbs

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