Equerry: 2B and 3B Pure Black Bristle Body Brush


Equerry 2 and 3B Body Brush The Equerry Wooden Body Brush 2 or 3B for Horses is an excellent choice of horse brush for use on the body of any horse. As this brush is made with pure black semi stiff bristle to ensure that the body of the horse is well cleaned during the grooming process, making the Equerry Wooden Body Brush B for Horses an excellent choice of brush for use with any horse.

These brushes have been made with a wooden back and are made from renewable seasoned hardwoods, ergonomically shaped to ensure that when the horse groomer uses the Equerry Wooden Body Brush 2 or 3B for Horses, the hand will shape to the brush and be easy to use, excellent for ensuring that the grooming process is quick, easy and enjoyable for both the horse and the horse owner.