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ZEOSOFTTM is the only company able to offer the unique cleaning and healing power of natural zeolites.  These volcanic minerals actively suck up  and trap toxins and odours from the skin as well as those lurking in our waterways .  They are highly effective cleaners without any of the harmful effects from continued use of harsh chemicals


The mineral silicas and clays in our zeolites clean gently and leaves your skin feeling smooth. Customers say hands feel softer, fresher and cleaner. The natural negative charge in Zeolites keeps on sucking up the toxins after we wash them back in to our waterways, helping keep our water fresh & clean too.



Our customers have removed every kind of grime and contaminant using ZEOSOFTTM.   Industrial inks and grease, unpleasant fish and chemical smells, stubborn household spills and stains.  ZEOSOFTTM cleans them all.  It’s made from natural ingredients so it won’t harm anything. Try it.



 ZEOSOFT TM  Zeosoft’s Heavy Duty product removes the real tough, difficult to remove, ingrained dirt, grime, stains and odours found in t likes automotive workshops, tyre bays, engineering, printing timber, construction roading plants  and many more.



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