Finally…keep the splashing, staining and wet doggy smell out…and let the dog you love indoors.

Beneficial for all dog owners, groomers, handlers, veterinarians, hunters, boating, doggy daycare providers, beach goers and more.

Does your dog shake like crazy when wet?

  • Use towel togs after swimming, bathing or walking in the rain
  • Protect Furniture and Upholstery, wood floors & carpeting
  • Avoid dangerous wet tile.
  • Perfect for busy groomers who want to reduce back strain, power bills and drying time!!!

Simply slip on a Towel Tog after bathing and the micro-fibre towel will do the work for you. As an added bonus the dogs coat will dry more naturally reducing damage done by force drying and leaving the coat flat allowing fast grooming.

Available in five adjustable sizes for the perfect fit!

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