Please read customer testimonials on AHP Oxivir Disinfectant,  Anivac Bathing Systems, Pure Oxygen Fungal Wash and associated  AHP products. Check out our gallery for before and after photos, be warned some pictures in the gallery are very graphic.


Adele Linley- Goldendoodles Australia:

Being out west on acreage, dams and a river and our dogs being long coated they get dirty very very quickly and although we have all this water around us water for us is still at a premium throughout the year.

This is where the Anivac came into it’s own for us.  We use a lot less water that a conventional bath or hydrobath.  Our dogs coats are approx 6 to 8″ in length and the water jets push the water right to the skin keeping their skin clean and healthy and also with the their unique Pure Oxygen Shampoo it keep their skin fresh and their coats clean removing the pink staining so often found on white dogs.  The suction can be adjusted for puppies, timid dogs etc but our dogs love it on full as it produced a gentle massage the dogs enjoy and very often fall asleep on the table whilst we Anivac them.

Wound cleaning is easy with the Anivac as this will get into a deep cut ready for treatment.  I have even been known to use it on our goats too.

The Anivac is also my best friend in the house and the dogs room/kennel as it deep cleans the floor with it’s unique floor attachment and the walls can also be deep cleaned.

Dr Russell Grigg -Myvet Byron Bay

“Since we switched from using the artificially perfumed chlorine based floor cleaners to using AHP in our vet hospital a month ago, the whole building is smelling much better.  It’s such a pleasant and noticeable difference that staff and clients are commenting.”

Dr Russell Grigg has been living and working in Byron Shire for 14 years.   Russell special interests are Veterinary Acupuncture,  skin health and dental health.  He is passionate about best standards of care for our pets and believes that healthy teeth and gums are paramount to a pet’s healthy life. Dr Russell heads the vibrant team at MyVet Byron Bay.

Robyn Johnstone: – Horse Hoof Abscess

“ok so im a huge huge HUGE!!! lover of anivacs fungal wash treatment!!! plz if u have an issue with ur horse try this amazing product!! will be posting before and after pics first thing in the morning of my horses abcess that cleared up in just 3 days!! a massive abscess that blew at the coronet band and everyone said his hoof would crack and hed be out of action for months!! well after just a week he was back in light work… now a few weeks later back to his normal work load no cracks no pain no worries”!!

“3 weeks later using anivac twice daily!! I can’t stress enough how great this product is!! A must have for every first aid kit… I will never be without a bottle of liquid gold!!”

it works great on stubborn clothes stains BTW……found out by accident when i mopped up my liquid gold with an old rag, lol Before and After photos available on our gallery page (Gruesome)


Jenny James, Wags and Whiskers – Boarding Kennels.

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my proheat, it has saved us so much effort. My staff can clean the kennels in half the time it usually takes them and the floors are dry by the time the dogs come in from the outside pens. We have also noticed a major improvement in the smell in the cattery, now we don’t have one!! I love the AHP Oxivir disinfectant.

I’ve only used it to groom one dog so far as it has been so busy cleaning the kennels so I may get another one later in the year, but I was really happy with that dog as he was very smelly, matted and had a really bad  skin rash and hotspots. We used the pure oxygen fungal wash on him as well as the shampoo and within a few days he had stopped scratching and looked so much better. When his owner picked him up at the end of the few days we sold her a bottle of the fungal wash to take home as well so im really wrapped with that and so was she as he gets a lot of hot spots and she had tried everything. I need to order some more, do i just order some over the phone.

best regards Jenny.

Annie’s Journey – Facebook Multiple issues:

Via Linda Broadbent, Annie was a seriously emaciated rescue horse suffering from rainscald and an infected skin abscess on her wither. Pure oxygen Fungal wash got rid of the rainscald in about two weeks and was then used for many weeks to wash out  pus, maggots, infection and smell from Annies wounds, keeping it clean while the cavernous wound healed from the inside out. Very Graphic photos are available on the Gallery page, Annie now has a wonderful new home.

Laura Summerhayes – Hunter Valley Warmblood Stud

Hi Sally, sorry was meant to send you some more pics last week but had to go to Dungog again.  I think with Hannah it was more QLD itch – I was applying it daily and it has almost cleared up but not sure if it’s because she is now down here (away from the midgies), and is rugged 24/7 etc.  Certainly the greasy heel cleared up within days – I couldn’t believe it!

Have emailed you two pics I took after 10 days of fungal wash usage.  I will definately be keeping some on hand for greasy heel and will leave some at Dungog for the horses that get rainscald.

Amanda Santangelo – Rainscald

I bought the Pure oxygen fungal wash 3 days ago and my boys rain scald and skin irritation is now just about gone. Awesome stuff!




Patricia Otto – Rainscald, Wound treatment, Itchy dog

That fungal wash is great stuff! Put it on two of my horses with bad bad rain scald, one application, it’s gone and hair growing back despite all the rain we had since. Another horse had a nasty cut on his foot (it took some of his hoof off), put the fungal stuff on twice, all healed and he is in a wet paddock. Put fungal wash on my itchy dog, no more scratching and fur is growing back. That Pure Oxygen wash is gold!! Love it!!


Penny Lindh, Fancy Feathers and Fur. – Dog skin Treatment.

I put some pure oxygen on a clients dog a week or so ago and she came back to get more and said it “was like magic” several vet visits and creams hadnt worked but this did.




Angela Sneddon. NSW, -White Swiss Shepherd wound.

  •  Their stuff is amazing. It’s the Anti Fungal wash, I just put it on straight & let it air dry. It healed this wound so fast, if you look at Anivac’s pics you can see how bad it was.
  •  Anivac, thank you! And it’s thanks to you & your product that he could go to his perfect new home so fast!
    Before and after photos available on our gallery page

Kelly Lach. NSW – Horse Wound

About 2/3 months after the initial accident, using pure oxygen fungal wash. Only a surface scab visible! Thank you guys for such an amazing product!

See photo Gallery for photos of Kelly’s Horse.



Jackie Crawford. WA: Floor Cleaning

Hi Sally

Just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the floor attachment! It’s a vacuum and mop in one! So I no longer have to vacuum first and then mop.  Floors look fantastic and I can’t believe how dirty they were! Thanks! Oxivir is amazing.

Kind regards Jackie


Anne Sciannimanica, ACT – Labradors and Horse Bathing

I have just had a litter of pups & this Anivac has been worth its weight in gold when cleaning up the room I have had them in!

Cheers  Anne



Barry and Julie, ACT – Woolly Akita Bathing

Hi Sally,

It’s 4:32am!!!!!  Just finished getting several liters of rain water and mud out of Shinji’s 3 layer coat! It’s been raining all day and night in Canberra, so we tried to keep Shinji (the 85 kg Wooly Akita puppy) inside as much as possible.

Seems Julie must have let him out so he could add to the monsoon. The monsoon couldn’t have come at a worst time, .-. smack in the middle of the rainy season!  As per usual, he can be rather difficult to get back inside when it’s raining. (loves the rain!) Well; …. 3AM woof, ..@#$%  woooooof! .. woooooooooooooof!  Mmmm I’m right in the middle of a dream about a large wet dog barking to get in.
Then the reality sets in, Shinji is still out!

….. Out of bed, .. had to let him in through the front door, …. he was so happy he bounded in to the lounge, .. bounced in circles, …. had a huge shake! and promptly lay down with the view of going straight to sleep! (way past his bed time) I couldn’t move him as he was already snoring!  I had been showing the Anivac to a friend, so, …. “mohamid to the mountain seemed like a good idea”

Yup! I vacuumed the water out of him where he lay!  Within half a minute, he was totally relaxed & loving the attention! When I was doing his very thick Lion like mane, I just said “head up” and he looked up at the roof and closed his eyes making it a breeze do his head down to his front paws. He got the hang of the whole process within a couple of minutes.

As you know, we AniVac’d him last week for the first time. Julie had him on a “gentle-leader” as he was a bit apprehensive. With this in mind I was dreading having to restrain him as well as getting all the water & mud out of him.

No problem, …. he enjoyed the groom & attention. …… he fell asleep when I was doing his flanks and tail! (only shinji could fall asleep whilst being vacuumed!

We are off camping for a couple of days, …. Have a great weekend. Cheers Baz. P.S.  “What a great system”


Carole Bryant, Grafton – Naturopath, German Shepherd Bathing

The ONLY thing I’m not rapt in with my Anivac is that it’s noisy, but it doesn’t bother my animals so it’s not an issue. Other than that I think it is fantastic. The other morning for example I was taking one of my dogs with me for the weekend and was leaving really early in the morning. I was able to Anivac him – my long coat male GSD (taking only a fraction of the time of a regular bath) knowing that he was virtually dry afterwards and therefore wouldn’t be cold.I’m so glad I bought the Anivac instead of a hydrobath! Originally I had intended to buy a hydrobath and a dryer, but with the Anivac I don’t need a dryer so it’s ended up being MUCH cheaper too :) ) Carole.


Fiona Ramsey – Horses, Greasy Heel

Awesome stuff! Healed greasy heel on my filly faster than anything I have tried before, and I had tried many! :-)




Dr. Kim Kendall BVSc, MACVSc (feline medicine) – The Cat Clinic Chatswood

Dr Kim Kendall from The Cat Clinic  uses Anivac in her surgery. From long haired to short haired cats Dr Kim loves the way Anivac manages all types of coats and skin conditions found on the cats that come into her clinic,

particularly malassezia. “its amazing how quickly it works on Malassezia”, Her groomer finds Anivac easy and quick to use as well as leaving the coat dryer when finished, shortening the drying time.  She likes the lack of after smell  which is offensive to cats and she is really amazed at the amount of dirt that comes off the skin.


Kimberly Sussmilch: Horses

amazing product for everything!!! can’t live without it!!!




B. Galbraith:  German Shepherd Breeder, Bathing

We have an Anivac Ecowash system, and find it the BEST thing since sliced bread.





Miranda Coulson: Horses Greasy Heel

“used it for greasy heel, and was happy with the outcome”.





Vicki Livingstone – Breeder German Shepherds, Japanese Spitz,

Hi Sally,

I found a new use for my Anivac system today and that was to clean out my daughters frog tank. This jobs usually takes at least 90 minutes to do and is a really horrible job that everyone hates doing. Today after a suggestion from my hubby I tried it on the frog tank and it was emptied, cleaned out and refilled again all in less than 5 minutes. I just had to be careful not suck a frog into the system. I couldn’t believe what a good job it did and how much time can be saved.

“Two German Shepherds washed, dried and ready to go in just under 30 minutes, can’t beat that!.

3.9.2012…..Hi Sally, I’ve just remembered another use I found for my anivac recently……..
My 20 month old grandsons nappy recently leaked and he weed the bed. I had trouble getting the urine smell and stains off the mattress so I got my trusty anivac out and by the time I’d finished and it had completely
dried there was no more smell or stain.


Joanne Gray, Groomer Chatswood Cat Central

Hi Sally,

I used the Anivac on 14 out of 16 cats and only 3 were on light sedation today – Im discovering the cats actually like it they relax for the anivac and we are getting fantastic results on their skin.


Debbie Freegard – Allergic Skin

I won a comp a few weeks ago and received the pure oxygen fungal wash to try on my German shepherd female who was an itchy dog with an allergic type skin condition. She was getting sores over her and hair loss. I live in the tropics and also had to deal with slow healing and threat of infections. I’m happy to say she has healed and has had no outbreaks since. Her hair is growing back nicely and she isn’t scratching as much. Thanks so much.

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