Zeosoft Everyday HandCleaner 300gm


Zeosoft unique natural and environmentally positive Everyday gel Hand Cleaner is ideal for all the light to moderate hand cleaning and odour removing cleaning tasks.

The product has been formuated for regular use moderately dirty dirts without the ingrain dirt and stains plus removes all odours.

Plus the product’s essential oils in will help repair your hands and leave them feeling refreshed.

The Everyday Hand Cleaner 300gm tube is ideal for the mobile or outdoors worker who needs to carry a hand cleaner with them as part of the job.

Use in and around your stable, float or truck. Amazing on tough stains but gentle enough to use on White Jodhpurs and Saddle cloths. Safe to Use in the washing machine. You can even wash your Horse or Dog with Zeosoft. Suitable for use on Leather