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Car Seat Belt Strap


Seat Belt Strap – plugs in to the seat belt buckle to securely connect a dog wearing a Car Harness within the car.

Delivery period: 3 day(s)


This strap uses very strong connectors to securely attach your dog’s harness to the car’s seat belt clasp, high strength clasps are important for your safety – to hold the dog steady against the extreme forces generated in the event of a car crash.

A Car Harness is only safe when it is securely connected to the car, so beware of products which use clips like on the end of a dog lead – these are made from dye cast metal and will snap on a medium shock force. Black Dog uses a Stainless Steel Caribeena on our Seat Belt Strap, so you get ultimate security and piece of mind.

Stainless Steel Caribeena Snap at one end, Seat Belt Clip at other (compatible with most makes of vehicle – not compatible with some Volvo cars).

Seat Belt Strap – Small – Adjustable length strap (from 33 cm to 45 cm)

Seat Belt Strap – Medium – Adjustable length strap (from 43 cm to 65 cm), Seat Belt Strap –

Large – Adjustable length strap (from 53 cm to 85 cm)

Weight 0.12 kg

Small, Medium, Large