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Handiscoop Pooper Scooper

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Easy to take with you, wherever you are, whenever you need it. It’s lightweight and compact to store away until you need it.

Works on any surface
Suited to picking up litter off any surface, on a beach, in the park or hard tarmac. The effective pick-up works a treat, onlu picking up waste, leaving behind grass, sand, or gravel

Clean and hygienic
Can be used with a bag, no cleaning down after. Saving you time, everytime!

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What a Handi-scoop… No bending, little spending, and a tiny carbon pawprint!

You must have seen the proof on our pavements of this colossal dog fouling fact: with the Aussie puppulation sitting at 7.3 million, a thousand tonnes of dog litter currently beautifies our neighbourhoods every day…yuck! Bagged or not, man’s best friend’s donation to the environment is unfortunately often misplaced, abandoned, and scattered over our towns for the world and his wife to see, and to step in. But stop press! There is a change approaching. Malodorous streets step aside, and say hello to the sparkly new Handiscoop, the latest in innovative dog mess collection.

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