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Equessential Magnet Therapy Boots



X-Large (Blue Binding) – Designed for  Heavy Boned Horses–  Heavy Warmbloods, Large Thoroughbreds, Showjumpers & Eventers etc.

Large (Red Binding) – Designed for Large Horses – Finer Warmbloods, Thoroughbreds, Showjumpers & Eventers etc.

Medium (Maroon Binding) – Designed for Galloways – Standardbreds, Quarter Horses, Stockhorses etc

Small (Purple Binding) – Designed for Small Horses & Ponies – Small Riding Ponies,  and foals etc… ( MADE TO ORDER ONLY  PLEASE CONTACT US FOR THIS PRODUCT )


Magnetic Boots That Really Work

All Equessential Magnetic Boots are constructed using only the highest quality materials, including 100% Australian Wool Fleece and 3,000 gauss therapeutic magnets, ensuring quality strength and maximum durability. With Equessential Magnetic Boots the magnets are strategically placed to work effectively ensuring maximum blood circulation is achieved.

Why Magnets?

Magnets have multiple effects on the body tissue, perhaps the most beneficial being the increase in blood supply to the area applied, fast tracking recovery and healing of injured joints, ligaments, muscle and even bone. Magnetic therapy assists with the treatment of muscular injury as it encourages blood supply back through injured tissue, increasing blood flow and reducing trauma healing time.

Length Of Treatment

General consensus in veterinary medicine shows the optimum application time for magnetic therapy is 10 – 12 hours. Careful consideration needs to be taken to ensure the treated area doesn’t become too hot by regularly checking underneath the boots, overnight treatment is ideal. Equessential advises the client always seek veterinary advice before applying any magnetic therapy product.

Treatment Options

Magnetic therapy is an ideal treatment for a wide range of ailments including:

* Degenerative joint disease

* Shin splints or soreness

* Strained tendons & ligaments

* Bruising

* Arthritis or Ringbone

* Soft tissue injuries

* Laminitis

* Navicular Syndrome

Magnetic Therapy is also extremely effective as a pre warm-up before exercise, or to keep ‘filling’ at a minimum during float trips.


DO NOT        use with liniments or heat creating creams

DO NOT        use if there is any sign of hemorrhaging

DO NOT        use when there is active or untreated infection

DO NOT        use within 3 days of hematoma

DO NOT        use during the acute stage of injury (first 72 hours)

DO NOT        use whilst exercising

Usage & Care Instructions

* Gentle hand wash in warm water, do not use hot water or put in the washing machine. Hook attachments, elastic and machine agitators do not mix.

* Dry in a shady area.

Warnings, Contraindications & Absolute Disclaimer of Liability

Always seek veterinary advice before using any Equessential product. Equessential has no control over the application, suitability, animal behaviour or husbandry skills of the end user of any product Equessential offers. The purchaser and/or end user expressly assumes full risk of all personal, property and economic injury, either direct or indirect, arising from the use, misuse or failure to determine the appropriate use of any Equessential product. Equessential products are not intended or designed for human use.


Please read the section below for detailed information on selecting the correct sized Equessential Magnetic Boots for your horse.

It is important to choose the correct size for your horse to get the optimum benefits from your Magnetic Boots.

In the chart below there are circumference and height measurements.

The circumference measurement of the boot is more critical than the height because the boot must fit around the horse’s leg and overlap 2cms  to 4cms to be effective.

When sizing, the height of the horse and the heaviness of the bone should be taken into account, but these should not be the only determining factors when choosing an appropriate boot for your horse.

Equessential Ice Boots are sized in, medium, large and extra large. To choose the correct size, view the chart. If you are still unsure which size to get, you should measure the circumference of your horse’s front and rear fetlocks at the widest point (see picture). Then choose the boot size that is the next bigger size than your measurement.

Example: If your horse’s front fetlock measures 32cms and the hind fetlock measures 34cms, you should choose medium Equessential Magnetic Boots for the front and large Equessential Magnetic Boots for the hind.

For other fitting questions, please call

Measurement _image_u

magnetic_fitting_instructions_final upload


XLarge, Small, Medium, Large


Front, Rear


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