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Coat Sheen Body Spray 500ml


Coat Sheen by Smart Grooming enhances the natural coat shine without leaving any residue. This winning coat gloss formula provides a superb all over shine for all types of coats. Coat Sheen is ideal for indoor and outdoor use ensuring an outstanding finish.

Coat Sheen helps repel dust in dry conditions and can also be used as a mud repellant during the winter months.

Directions for use: Spray on to a damp cloth to use around the head area and directly to the coat to cover larger areas.

Size: 500ml – Trigger Spray

All Smart Grooming Show Preparation products have been formulated in the UK.


Smart Groomings Coat Sheen

There are a lot of coat shine products on the market, they’re a staple in any grooming kit as they’re so helpful in keeping dust from settling on your horses coats, stops mug from sticking, helps reduce shoulder rubs from rugs and makes them super shiney of course! But which one do you buy? Well I think everyone generally uses Show Sheen, which don’t get me wrong, works well but it’s also extremely slippery due to it’s high silicone content.

But back in the show season I was given some Coat Sheen by Smart Grooming to try out, lets see what we thought –

After giving him a good clean with baby shampoo and getting the ingrained oil and dirt out of his coat he was squeaky clean!

We allowed him to dry naturally in the sun shine, meaning his coat dried nice and flat. Once he was fully dry I got my coat sheen and positioned the bottle about half a foot away from his body (so not to get too much in one place, but to make sure it evenly sprayed his coat) I sprayed the sheen directly onto his flat lying coat. Once he was evenly covered I brushed it in with a goat hair brush. It gently works the coat sheen into the coat slightly under the top layer, allowing it to lift out the other colours in the coat.

The formula in Coat Sheen also include Lavender oils which smells lovely and natural, rather than a strong over powering perfume which can often agitate sensitive skin.

 The below photos were taken just after the coat sheen was applied, and then later when at show in the sun showing how shiney he is! Gorgeous and really has the ‘Wow’ factor.

We get a lot of comments and compliments on how shiny B is at shows and events and we always refer people to Smart Grooming’s Show Sheen.


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