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Anivac Bathing System Precision Floor Tools


Upgrade your existing Anivac system with precision floor tools for cleaning of  floors, pens and cages. Use on tiles, floating wood floors,Polished floors, concrete, Lino Free upgrade on some systems

Delivery Period: 3(days)

A must for anyone with wooden floors, boarding kennels, concrete floors, catteries, veterinary surgeries etc. Clean solution is sprayed under pressure onto the surface to be cleaned then the vacuum action sucks up water and debris at the same time. No need to sweep first, clean and sanitise in one easy motion. Wash and sanitise the cage while the animal is still in it and at the same time wash the animal as well.

Suitable for

  • Ecowash Bathing system
  • Proheat Bathing System
  • Olympic II Ducted System

Use with Anivac Pure Oxygen hard surface and floor cleaner

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 450 x 30 x 30 cm