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What is the technology behind Derriere Equestrian?

Based in north east Italy, our padding manufacturers CyTech — with its well-known brand Elastic Interface® — is regarded as the worldwide leader in designing and developing insert pads for cycling shorts.

It created its technology in response to problems reported from cyclists affecting the gluteal, perineal and genital-urinary area (GPGU).

These problems manifested as genital numbness and other dysfunctions due to compression of the pubic nerve.

Dr Paoli MD of the department of Anatomy and Physiology, from the University of Padova is Elastic Interface’s® biomechanical consultant. He has carried out extensive perineal pressure testing in various sporting situations and has been able to demonstrate reduced compression in the GPGU zone and maintenance of blood flow to the perineal tissues when using these products.

This video is an on field representation of the pressure that the body of the rider exerts on the saddle reported in Doctors Antonio Paoli and Giuseppe Marcolin Published in Science Direct.

The Italian manufacturing design team at our suppliers have used all their experience and expertise in collaboration with Claire Galer of Derriere Equestrian to develop the specific padded support systems for the equestrian rider.

Following on from the analysis of the advice from our Italian experts, the design prototype was created, performance tested in all equine disciplines and taken to further development.

The team made the following recommendations for the equestrian system:

  1. Should be elastic to allow the full range of movement of the rider.
  2. Should incorporate different densities to provide the correct support according to different compression levels at key points in the saddle, identified by mechanical pressure testing studies.
  3. Should be multi-anatomical to conform to the saddle, this ensures multidiscipline application.
  4. Should have a specific design that maximises the fit of the rider to the equestrian saddle.
  5. Should provide support, comfort and use fabrics that are bacteriostatic – Fabric that will stop bacteria from reproducing, while not necessarily harming them otherwise. This is in contrast to bactericides, which kill bacteria.
  6. Two designs will incorporate: EIT X-TRACT, an air base layer for maximum ventilation, and high-density foam layers.
  7. Final prototypes to be re-performance tested and further ongoing research trials to be mapped out and undertaken by Derriere Equestrian.

The result is a specially developed breathable, micro-fibre fabric that features the patented all-way stretch of the Italian technology.

Special high density foam inserts are placed at key pressure points in the perineal and ischial zones to provide maximum comfort and performance, while the outside edge of the pad has extra soft fabric in the external zone to eliminate any chaffing.

The more comfortable and higher performing the padding is, means greater energy savings and better posture for the horse rider.

On the contrary, discomfort can cause the rider to move in the saddle while trying to readjust their posture, interrupting the harmony between the horse and rider.

The Equestrian Padded Support Systems are produced in Italy and then shipped to our partners in Tunisia, where they are incorporated into the undergarments during the manufacturing process, resulting in high quality bonded and reduced seamed garments.

How are the Derriere Equestrian products manufactured?

The manufacturing processes used for production, involves both the bonded and seamless technology.

Bonding fabric together, ensures reduced seamlines and stitching, this is an essential process to produce undergarment’s that have no abrasive edges and reduced stitched seamlines.

Seamless manufacturing is the new way of approaching the apparel culture. The introduction of the SEAMLESS manufacturing ability for producers has revolutionized the global underwear marketplace.

The development of the single jersey electronic circular knitting machines by Santoni® for the production of seamlesswear was a very innovative discovery and has revolutionised the underwear manufacturing process for: underwear, outerwear, swimwear and sportswear.

The team that head up both the bonded and seamless manufacturing for Derriere are composed of: textile engineers, specialised chemists, high level technicians, designers and fabric selection experts.

The Derriere Equestrian® products go through more than 50 controls during their transformation in production.

Followed by further individual garment testing at quality control and then again at the packaging, shipment and warehousing stages. The final products are presented and packaged to an exceptionally high standard.


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