Get Grooming – for a healthier horse!

WHY? Several leading equine researchers have revealed a worrying increase of skin problems and diseases which is why KBF99 decided to launch the ‘Get Grooming’ campaign. We strongly believe in the benefits of regular grooming (e.g. improved circulation, promoting coat and skin health, and providing an opportunity to thoroughly check for any abnormalities) and if you use our grooming products you can also actively kill bacteria and fungus, including Ringworm, Strangles, E.coli and Mycotoxins. Today’s lifestyle for many people is hectic to say the least and grooming isn’t always at the top of the list. That’s why we want you to ‘Get Grooming’ and help to raise awareness of equine skin disease. By joining the campaign you can also encourage your friends and family to ‘Get Grooming – for a healthier horse’. The National Equine Health Survey found that the high incidence (15.2%) of skin disease recorded to date suggests a need to raise awareness of skin management. KBF99’s aim is to highlight the importance of skin disease vigilance and thorough grooming with KBF99 Grooming Brushes to help protect horses and to reduce the risks. TAKE ACTION! Join the KBF99 ‘Get Grooming’ campaign on Facebook by clicking the banner above and ‘like’ and ‘share’ the campaign post. Then most importantly of all, increase the amount of time you spend grooming your horse or pony from minutes to an hour! Help KBF99 to spread the message that increasing the amount of time you spend grooming can help to fight the war against skin disease. • Get Grooming – a thorough groom should take at least an hour, not just a few minutes! • Get Checking – make sure you check your horse’s skin and coat regularly for any abnormalities. • Take Action – If you spot something you are concerned about get expert advice immediately. • Use KBF99 – KBF99 Grooming brushes kill bacteria, fungus and some parasites and viruses helping to protect your horse from harmful illness and disease, including Ringworm, Strangles and Mud Fever. SKIN DISEASES We all know that prevention is better than cure and the prevention of skin diseases involves regular and thorough checking of the skin and coat, along with an appropriate grooming routine. Early detection of any disease gives opportunities for effective treatment and will hopefully prevent prolonged discomfort and complications for your horse and excessive veterinary bills and worrying for you. Skin diseases in horses are prevalent throughout the year, although some may be seasonal. They may be due to infectious agents (e.g. bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites) or environmental irritants. Correct identification is vital so that the correct treatment and management can be executed. If you are ever in any doubt about treating your horse, or if it is a problem that has occurred for the first time, always contact your veterinary surgeon. For more information please phone Horse and Hound Specialists on  0414364886  and watch the KBF99 video here –

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