We supply HoundHouse™ hygienic veterinary approved dog kennels, designed for canines & felines.

HoundHouse™ shelters and kennels are unique, lightweight, collapsible & portable, weatherproof, easy clean shelters, which prevent fleas – they are cool in summer & warm in winter. The perfect kennel for permanent housing, camping, traveling, visiting or storage.

 Why Househound is #1 for your dog.

[quote style=”boxed”]I needed a kennel to house my beloved Staffy/Bully X. I started looking for a nice kennel to sit on my veranda. I found no kennel that was good looking or most importantly hygienic for my dog. I knew most dogs won’t use timber, tin or plastic kennels but all used beds. After some deliberation and with my background in auto & marine upholstery, I created the first HoundHouse™.[/quote] [quote style=”boxed”]Now my best friend had a home that was not only HYGIENIC & comfortable, but weatherproof and appealing as well. Was all about the love.[/quote] [quote style=”boxed”]The HoundHouse™ was so appealing I found that I had to start making a few at a time for friends and family. Since that time I have improved the HoundHouse™ to become the best possible housing for most breeds, shapes or sizes of canine & felines. Great for animals with arthritic pains & skin conditions. The love for my dog led me to create a hygienic product that was comfortable for him to use. [/quote]

The HOUNDHOUSE™ frame is made from anodised steel, which makes the kennel lightweight yet strong with each kennel easily holding the larger breeds. All tube clamps are made from a high quality nylon that makes the frame rust resistant. The hood and mattress is made of quality treated canvas which makes it weatherproof yet breathable & with the comfy slung floor made from poliester fibre mesh which allows the kennel ventilation and prevent fleas breeding. It also keeps animals cool when hot & warm when cool. The canvas easy clean mat supplied is scratch resistant & can be tied in.

The  HoundHouse™ kennel has been manufactured in a way that’s all purpose and easy to hose clean.

Canvas is a heavy outdoor canvas used in the offroad campers, 4×4 canopies & H/D quality tents. Canvas weave opens in the dry & heat to allow ventalation. Canvas also contracts in rainy & cool conditions creating a proofed barrier to these elements.

Mesh is large enough weave to stop flea eggs hatching successfully.

HOUNDHOUSE™ is veterinarian approved, just ask your vet for an opinion.

HOUNDHOUSE™ is collapsible and fits in its carry bag to be portable and easily stored perfect for camping and traveling or just packing away.

HOUNDHOUSE™ is proven to be the best possible kennel for your canine and makes caring for them easy and effortless. If you truly love your pet you will buy them a HOUNDHOUSE™.


1. Will my dog chew the HoundHouseT™?

Most animals find the proofing in the canvas of the HoundHouse™ dog kennel very distasteful. This is not dangerous to your dog. If you have a problem dog we suggest training, stop chew sprays & food chew toys. Remember your the pack leader, act like one, growl at your pack when bad, praise when good.

2. Will it be too cold or hot?

The canvas material has a thermal breathing insulation quality that cannot be reproduced with tin, wood, plastic or nylon. The HoundHouse™ also comes with a canvas tie-in scratch resistant mat for extra comfort, on top of the comfy fiberglass mesh slung floor. A HoundHouse™ door is available for the colder areas. This is what makes the HoundHouse™ the most comfortable hygienic kennel available on the market for your mate.

3. My dog digs

The canvas mat is scratch resistant, that is, the proofing in the canvas waxes up causing a glaze over the surface. If this is a problem give your dog something to move around inside the kennel, eg. old blanket or towel & if a problem is foreseen add a piece of carpet to the base. Again use the growl.

4. How waterproof is it?

The manufacturers of the material suggest reproofing every 6-12 months depending on the conditions the material is subjected to. HoundHouseTM recommends that it be proofed whenever it’s deemed necessary. Canvas proof sprays can be purchased from camping & hardware stores everywhere (3-10 years veranda life).

5. Warranties & guarantees

The HoundHouseTM is like most pet products with no warranties or guarantees other than manufacture of a faulty product.

6. My dog won’t sleep in that!

Heard it too many times & it’s probably true with most timber, tin, or plastic kennels. A dog has a natural instinct to sleep in a den like situation with a hollow for its belly in the floor, this is why the HoundHouseTM works so well. The floor sinks in the middle to allow for belly curl & the canvas hood means nothing can sneak up from behind. This makes your canine feel safe & comfortable, even in thunder storms.

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