Anivac animal bathing systems V’s Hydrobath bathing for dogs and cats. 
                                                                        -The real questions answered.

Anivac Bathing Systems for Dogs and Horses - hydrobath has until recently been the most popular way to wash your dogs and cats to a professional standard. Anivac is a vacuum cleaning system which shoots water and solution onto the skin sucking off dirt, hair and water at the same time. Leaving the skin and coat deeply clean, almost dry and at the same time giving the hair follicles a gentle massage.

  • The hydrobath circulates water mixed with shampoo and dirt over the dog or cat, spraying onto the top of the coat. Anivac sprays clean water and our medicated solution deep into the coat and directly onto the skin.
  • To rinse, the hydrobath uses the same concept with more water, dirty water is recirculated around the system until the dog feels clean. Anivac pulls the dirt and water off the coat leaving the animal 80% dry without recirculating it.
  • Bacteria that cause skin infection’s is washed all over the dog as the water circulates around the hydrobath. It then gets trapped in the hoses and can re infect  the next healthy animal unless sterilized after every use. Anivac does not use recirculated water so no cross contamination occurs. Anivac AHP Pure oxygen solution is a cleaning agent that washes away the bacteria that causes skin infection
  • A hydrobath uses at least 30 litres of water to wash and rinse a medium size dog. The Anivac systems use approximately 3 litres of water to wash the same size dog.
  • The Anivac system allows you to partially wash a dog, to do just the dirty areas such as legs and underbelly.
  • The hydrobath is a deep tub that you have to lift and bend to operate, water is sprayed all over the animal, necessitating the need for an apron or the groomer gets wet plus it’s not portable, Anivac is a mess free system, as the cleaning action is happening within the space of the hydrojet cleaning wand. This means you can do it while the dog is on a grooming table, in your kitchen or even in a cage. Suitable for vets in surgery, and you can take it to shows giving your dog the same clean you would at home without all the lifting and bending.
  • Anivac has 4 system choices, 2 which are portable and 2 installed versions supplying hot water bathing to suit your budget and needs. It’s fast, portable and effective and does not need lengthy training. Perfect for sensitive or normal skin. Suitable for grooming salons and mobile groomers, home installation or the back of your car.
  • Constant use of water and shampoo is damaging to the groomers skin causing dermatitis, dry and cracked skin etc and leaves you wet, Anivac doesn’t spray water around the place and does not make the groomer wet so no more skin issues for groomers.
  • The use of scented shampoos and conditioners leaves your dog smelling for a short time and masks the smell of a wet dog, Pure Oxygen Shampoo is a scent free shampoo, so when you wash your dog they won’t even know you used a shampoo and won’t go and roll in the garden straight after, it removes the bacteria that causes smell and skin conditions so no more smelly dog 3 days after they have been washed.
  • Anivac AHP Pure Oxygen shampoo is also a main key to keeping your animals skin condition in tip top condition. The Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide shampoo is a rinse free shampoo that removes dirt and bacteria that cause skin conditions such as malassezia, skin dermatitis and itch, as well as preventing the reoccurrence of hot spots and ringworm. Repair the skin affected by wounds, grass and flea dermatitis
  • AHP is a formulation of Hydrogen Peroxide, surfactants and other inert ingredients which results in less active ingredient but better cleaning and faster germicidal performance than Hydrogen Peroxide at 3%. At the In-Use dilution of AHP for bathing the active ingredient is less than 0.1%.

Many cleaning and/or disinfectant products on the market have pleasant smells such as citrus, lime etc. Why doesn’t AHP have a scent? 

  • A reason for creating a scent-free product is to avoid the masking of odours. Clean really has no smell, It is the absence of smell due to the absence of any odour causing materials. When you clean and disinfect with AHP there isn’t a scent to mask the cleanliness. Your animal, room or facility will eventually just smell clean.
  • Addition of scents which very often contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) to cleaning and disinfectants is also one of the leading causes of fragrance sensitivity and negative affects to indoor air quality. By creating a product that is scent free, there are fewer negative reactions by end users, fewer complaints by occupants of the facility using AHP and therefore, from a Occupational Health and Safety standpoint, a better product to use.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide is an oxidising agent, meaning it will oxidise and destroy certain compounds. Typically, the scents used in most cleaners fall into this group. It would be difficult to find a scent that would stay stable in the solution.
  • The AHP Pure Oxygen Shampoo dries with no residue at all saving you time rinsing yet it won’t strip your dog’s coat of its natural oils. This alone means that you are cutting down on time and spending costs as you don’t need to use conditioner.
  • Using Anivac to bath a medium sized dog is very quick, cutting the drying time in half as most of the water is removed from the coat.

Anivac also washes horses, cats, carpets, floors, cages, kennels and car seats.